Floor Covering 

Floorlayers are craftsmen, skilled in the installation of carpeting, hardwood flooring, vinyl composition tile and sheet goods products made of vinyl, linoleum and rubber. Their work includes decorative floor coverings in commercial buildings; the installation of hardwood flooring; and the installation of carpet in both residential and commercial applications.

INSTALL (International Standards and Training Alliance) professionals are known as the top craftsmen in the floor covering industry. All floor covering apprentices are enrolled in the four-year INSTALL apprenticeship program. Apprentices are trained in state-of-the-art technologies, materials and techniques, with rigorous instruction focusing on floor preparation, installation and finishing procedures. INSTALL-trained craftsmen are known for their uncompromising commitment to outstanding quality, service and professionalism. Their services are in greatest demand among the industry’s top contractors, manufacturers and customers.

Learn more about INSTALL at www.installfloors.org

What You Will Learn

The Floor Covering Apprenticeship training includes:

  • Basic carpentry
  • Technical math
  • Safety
  • Floor laying concepts
  • Prep work and layout
  • Ceramics
  • Modular tile and rubber base
  • Jute and action back carpeting
  • Wood flooring
  • Sheet goods concept, installation, flash cove and welding
  • Velcro and modular carpeting
  • Geometric layout
  • Woven and axminster carpeting
  • Unitary and enhancer back carpeting


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